cavallo farms

Cavallo farms

Del mar – this unique 20+ acre parcel is being developed for commercial equestrian use and training facilities. The use of large tiered retaining walls will help increase the usable portion of land For horse barns, rings and other equestrian uses. Challenges included an existing onsite blue-line stream and mapped floodplain which required several large detention/de-silting basins to be designed before storm-runoff was released into The natural stream.

01-Commercial-Cavallo Farms-MAIN-Drone View
02-Commercial-Cavallo Farms-Google Aerial Map
03-Commercial-Cavallo Farms-Site Map
04-Commercial-Cavallo Farms-Site Detail
05-Commercial-Cavallo Farms-Site Detail
06-Commercial-Cavallo Farms-Grading
07-Commercial-Cavallo Farms-Trench
08-Commercial-Cavallo Farms-Lot

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