fenton ranch

Fenton Ranch

San pasqual valley, county of san diego –A 200-plus-acre ranch property off bandy canyon road in the beautiful san pasqual valley, which was previously scorched by the 2007 wildfires.The owners envisioned an upgraded master-planned site with additional cabins, barns, paved roads and parking, bridges and an onsite amphitheater(with wine vineyards throughout). A plan was also put into place with sandag for the adjacent creek wetlands restoration project. The proposed wetland upgrades to the creek can be sold to sandag For future mitigation needed for the various Highway projects.

01-Planning-Fenton Ranch-MAIN-Wetland Mititgation
02-Planning-Fenton Ranch-Project Overview
03-Planning-Fenton Ranch-Conceptual Plan
04-Planning-Fenton Ranch-Drainage
05-Planning-Fenton Ranch-Enhancement Area
06-Planning-Fenton Ranch-Fire Damage
07-Planning-Fenton Ranch-After 1
08-Planning-Fenton Ranch-After 2

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