North Park – Multifamily apartment project in San Diego. With much of the parcel being part of a small canyon, this project had its challenges due to the steep terrain. Tiered retaining walls were used for aesthetics, while maintaining the grades needed to maximize the unit count. Existing bungalows onsite, are being preserved as part of the project due to historical value and the local Planning groups recommendation. This project should start construction in the first quarter of 2016. Read More
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Wafer Residence
Rancho Santa Fe – This beautiful 3.5 acre site was graded with a long driveway to accommodate a large custom house pad and guest house pad at the top of the Parcel. A special design was used for detention facilities to treat the increased drainage runoff because the proposed site included more than1 acre of grading. Because of this, State of California SWPPP (Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan) measures were needed to be included. Read More

Tehachapi, LLC
Poway – These 3 parcels in the beautiful Green Valley area of Poway are being designed to preserve the existing wetlands on site and provide large graded pads for 3 large spec homes that will include bringing the frontage street and cul-de-sac to the current standards for the fire department. Read More

A 20 plus unit apartment complex on a proposed parcel that would be contiguous with an existing apartment complex. Shared parking agreements and access easements has to be provided. This a lot split. The other describe yourself essay parcel proposes an office building for the business growth in the area. Apartment development will use excess dirt from the office site to help the earthwork balance. This project will be phased for build-out with the apartment complex coming first. Read More