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Hiring the Right Civil Engineering Firm is Crucial

to Every Construction Project’s Success.

Can you imagine building an estate, apartment complex, or commercial facilities without first studying the terrain and designing the most cost-effective plan around the existing topography? Having an expert civil engineer who has worked with local City and governmental agencies can be a huge benefit. They can not only navigate the  permitting process, but they will know up front what criteria is important to consider with drainage, site map specs and the process each project needs to adhere to in order for construction to start on time and up to code.

Civil engineering consultants will map out the positions of all existing and proposed structures, terrain contours and elevation, grading and easements, drainage routes, landscaping elements, utility connection points, and many other environmental and natural disaster preparedness variables. Civil engineers are as important to a construction project as architects, and the accuracy of their plan grounds the integrity of the build. 

Florez Engineering has over twenty years of residential and mixed-use, high-density and commercial civil engineering design experience. They are directly involved in every phase of delivery, from due diligence land surveying and schematic design through implementation oversight to ensure the highest quality results. Florez Engineering is the civil engineering experts in Southern California for:

  • Residential and Commercial – underground water, piping for gas, slope management, road or driveway improvements, plot use, drainage, safety, city planning, and permit processes

  • Road Infrastructure – oversee the construction and maintenance of roads, railways, airports, bridges, harbors, dams, irrigation projects, power plants, water, and sewerage systems.

  • Planning and Entitlements – creating accurate surveys and cost-effective project designs to smoothly move planning and construction documents through the regulatory approval process. 


The diversity of their projects span luxury single-family estates to large-scale apartment complexes, as well as strategic planning for local restaurants, office buildings, and storage centers. Each project came with unique challenges, from preserving wetlands to pre-demolition and hazardous materials considerations, bio-retention planting to drainage directing landscaping, retaining walls to detention basins, and traffic flow to sufficient parking.

In each case, team Florez performed analysis studies and accurate site mapping to include the specific requirements and restrictions necessary to pass governing ordinances. Their dedication to the details and well-rounded expertise made it easier to push through the permits and get the projects started. 

Civil engineering is the catalyst for any successful construction engagement, and Florez Engineering is the firm you want spearheading the groundwork. 

Contact us today to learn more about our in-house civil engineering and land survey services. We now have offices that serve Southern California to Nevada, as well as North Carolina.