City of San Diego – This 18 lot subdivision (TM) near Golden Hill in San Diego is being proposed as an infill project on undeveloped land with rolling slopes. Access and utilities will be brought in from an urban frontage street. Challenges have included: Efforts to vacate existing mapped streets that encumber the property. As with many sites in San Diego, environmental restrictions for this property also hinder the amount of grading that can be done onsite. Read More

Rancho Santa Fe – This 17+ acre parcel near Cielo in Rancho Santa Fe is being processed for a lot split. It requires a discretionary tentative parcel map and then a final parcel map that will legally split the current lot. Studies in biology, soil analysis, drainage, and fire prevention will need to be analyzed before the lot spit can be approved. Read More

CAMPO SITE– Tentative Parcel Map
Campo – This parcel is on 58 acres of land where an existing house is located on the site and where the owner proposes to split the parcel into 4 separate parcels (8 Acre minimum lot size per zoning). A preliminary grading plan was prepared along with a tentative parcel map to show access to each proposed parcel and the associated grading for creating a house pad similar in size to the existing one.Read More

This 7 lot proposed subdivision located in Vista was designed to match the surrounding community in lot size and character. The tentative map was approved and the final construction drawings and map are being completed. The City of Vista is requiring public street improvements to widen the adjacent street. Also, underground storage tanks are being proposed for water quality purposes, so, before the storm water enters the public storm drain system, it will be captured and the runoff will flow from the subdivision.Read More

His proposed 9 lot subdivisions is located on an empty parcel in Escondido. It requires a tentative map and final construction plans and final map. The steep terrain and parcel configuration make it difficult to achieve the 9 lots, but with creative thinking and city support for a narrower proposed road section, we were able to meet our client’s goal of 9 lots.Read More